Craftsmanship Techniques

Catalyzed Varnish (Beshta-Var)

  • Heat Resistant - up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Water Resistant - Resists water rings left from sweaty glasses
  • Resistant to household cleaners including acetone and nail polish remover
  • Improved Mar and Scratch Resistance

Dado Joint

  • A ridge is created for wood pieces to slide into.
  • Gascho drawer bottoms and cabinet doors formed for panels and glass.
  • Top molding of Cabinet (42156)


Dual Gear Drive Slides

  • Heavy duty gears used on our pedastal tables to open and close the table smoothly and securely
  • Constructed of solid oak or maple
  • Accommodate multiple leaves


English Dovetail

  • Crafted on all Gascho drawers
  • First used to piece together chests (first 'case' pieces)
  • Most popular for drawer corners
  • First joint looked for by antique appraisers

Finished Cabinet Tops

  • Unlike the competition, Gascho cabinet tops are finished and sealed with a catalyzed varnish
  • This process provides maximum protection and visual appeal



Flush Mounted Cabinet Backs

  • Mounted to be flush with the top and the sides of the cabinet
  • Cabinet back used is the same species of wood as the rest of the cabinet
  • Sprayed with Danish oil stain to match the entire piece


Full Extension Drawer Guides

  • Dual ball-bearing guides that provide maximum stability and full extension
  • 100 lb. weight capacity
  • Internal cabinet drawer is constructed of solid oak or maple and is finished with a catalyzed varnish


Interlocking Joint

  • Corner block under leg tables
  • Most common in simple 45° angles

Mortise & Tenon

  • Oldest technique dating back as far as 2500 B.C. – Ancient Egyptians used this technique to reinforce bed posts/rails.
  • Used to reinforce all 90° angles on Gascho cabinets and chairs..
  • Compare to a modern-day jigsaw puzzle – when properly constructed, a wood joint is stronger than the wood itself.

Panel and Frame

  • Little rubber balls placed in frame
  • Allows expanding and contracting on cabinet doors

Solid Wood Slides

  • Used on our leg tables and are constructed of solid maple
  • Extend to impressive dimensions
  • Accommodate leaves and center leg supports


Steam Bending

  • Bow backs on Gascho Chairs.
  • Round/oval aprons on tables.
  • Avoids cutting across end-grain where curves/bends are desired where weak points may occur.


Wood Trimmed Glass Moulding

  • Our glass cabinet doors are framed in either oak or maple wood