Product Care


We at The L.J. Gascho Furniture Company thank you for choosing our product-line. With proper care of your handcrafted product, it should last many years and be passed on from generation to generation.

Solid wood is made of natural fibers. Therefore, each product is unique and has a personality of its own. This includes differences in color and grain that are produced by nature in every tree. These variations create the beauty and style found in solid wood products. Since this variation exists, it is impossible to guarantee an exact match between two pieces of furniture, even though identical finishing processes are applied.

Care For Your Solid Wood Furniture

Cleaning of your product should be done with a soft, damp cloth going with the grain after each use. Avoid excess moisture and wipe up spills immediately. Do not leave sweaty cans or glasses on your table top for an extended period of time. Avoid cleaners with harsh chemicals and cleaners that have silicone additives. These hinder the adhesion of new varnish if you ever choose to refinish your table. A good product we recommend for periodically cleaning and polishing your table top is Murphy's Clean and Shine. It is available in a spray bottle at your local hardware store.

Proper humidity in your home is very important. We recommend using an air conditioner in the summer and humidifier in the winter to control the humidity. Ideal humidity during the heating season is 35 to 45%. This will minimize the normal swelling and shrinking of your furniture and help assure better fit of leaves and the least amount of stress on your product. Do not expose solid wood to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures.

Care should be taken when inserting or removing table leaves to prevent chipping against leaf levelers. To prevent warpage, we recommend you position table leaf flat, on clean surface, away from moisture, extreme hot or cold temperature.